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Randolf Hillebrand

Randolf Hillebrand is founder and CEO of three companies operating in digital marketing and new media.

Attention Media

Attention Media, Inc.
Founded: 2015
Santa Monica, USA

Attention Media is a full service programmatic marketing agency which operates as a managed trade desk for Advertisers, Agencies and Networks worldwide. Attention Media is connected to over 40 ad exchanges and buys desktop and mobile traffic on behalf of its partners. The agency delivers display and video ads to targeted audiences all over the world.

brandbuero Media GmbH

brandbuero Media GmbH
Founded: 2008
Cologne, Germany

Brandbuero advises in performance marketing, lead marketing, audience targeting, media buying and online publishing. Among brandbuero’s clients are leading publishing corporations Bertelsmann AG, Axel Springer AG and Condé Nast. In 2015, brandbuero launched a programmatic media buying unit and runs campaigns for National organizations such as German Red Cross and Plan International.

brandbuero Media GmbH

Lesepunkte Media House GmbH
Founded: 2014
Cologne, Germany

Lesepunkte.net is a loyalty program for newspapers, magazines, blogs, books and podcasts. After a one-time signup, users collect reward points for their daily media consumption and can redeem the loyalty points against awards, vouchers, magazines and newspapers or they can transfer them to a charity organization of their choice.